Korea-U.S Science Corp.

The Details

The Challenge

The challenge we encountered in the project for the Korea-US Science Corp. located in 1952 Gallows Rd. Vienna, VA was the outdated and inefficient electrical system present in the interior. The existing components were not capable of meeting the growing demands of the facility, leading to frequent power outages, reduced energy efficiency, and potential safety hazards.

The Solution

Our team of expert electricians conducted a comprehensive assessment of the facility’s electrical infrastructure. We devised a customized solution to remodel and upgrade all the electrical components, ensuring optimal performance, energy efficiency, and enhanced safety measures. This included replacing outdated wiring, installing advanced circuit breakers, upgrading the electrical panels, and integrating smart technologies for better control and monitoring.



Day Cycle


Our Values Make A Difference


The Results Were Amazing

  • Energy Efficiency Improvement 94% 94%
  • Enhanced Reliability 99% 99%
  • Safety Enhancement 99% 99%
  • Cost Savings 88% 88%

We were very impressed with how well this project went. We absolutely recommend this company to others!

Project Owner